As a citrus fruit, limes contain a large amount of Vitamin C. Pretty much everyone knows that, and pretty much everyone understands that Vitamin C plays an important role in overall health and especially immune system health. The following will dig a little deeper into the positive role that limes can play in your overall health from the commonly known facts to the less obvious.

Boost Your Immune System

You have heard the story about how scurvy was a widespread issue amongst British sailors in the 1600s and 1700s. The story goes that doctors believed that the acid present in lemons would fight against the affects of scurvy, and as lime juice was thought to be more acidic, it became the juice of choice. The doctors were partly correct. They were correct in that lime juice prevented the disease, they were incorrect in assuming it was the acid that did it. The Vitamin C present in limes, among other things, is a well-known immune system booster and is what cured the sailors of scurvy. In fact, just one lime contains about 25% of your recommended daily Vitamin C intake. 

Foodborne Illness Prevention

The citric acid present in limes can aid in the prevention of food borne illnesses like cholera. Adding just a small amount of lime juice to dressings, sauces, and liquids has been shown to kill a large portion of illnesses that can be passed through contaminated food sources.

Improved Heart Health

Vitamin C helps to protect against heart disease by reducing a free radical’s ability to damage cell walls. This fights against heart attacks, clogged blood vessels, and helps to lower blood pressure. On top of that, the health benefits of limes fight against other diseases, improves your immune system, and helps to control your weight. All of these things also contribute to improved heart health. 

Clearer Skin

Citric acid is used in many skin care products because of its ability to help with skin peeling and regrowth. If you want to see a direct benefit of lime juice to your skin, wash your face with a mild cleanser, squeeze some lime juice onto an applicator, and apply a small amount of lime juice directly to a pimple or other skin issue. You should see the results of the direct acidic acid in a matter of weeks.

Reduced Joint Inflammation

The citric acid in limes is especially helpful with arthritis pain, but with joint inflammation in general as well. A lot of inflammation is caused by a buildup of uric acid. Uric acid is normally flushed out by the kidneys and does not generally cause pain. But when it is not disposed of, it causes swelling in different joints and pain associated with the swelling. The citric acid in limes actually dissolves the uric acid and helps with any pain associated with it. On top of that, the antioxidants and Vitamin C in limes are known anti-inflammatories that reduce general joint swelling and pain.

Weight Management

Lime juice is very flavorful, and with no fat or cholesterol and only 20 calories it is the perfect way to bring flavor to any meal. You can use it in salad dressings, on rice or chicken, and in any sauce for a flavorful and healthy alternative to normal oils and salts. It tastes great and it will help you in your attempt to lose a couple of pounds.


Lemons, oranges, and grapefruit are the citrus fruits that most people partake in and know about. But limes continue to show that they are a force for improved health. The more we know about and use limes, the more we see that they are a key ingredient to reducing a lot of common health issues and helping people to live a more pain free life.