Comparison between Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig

TL;DR – Our pick: Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig both offer a lot of benefits. For the best value when losing weight, we choose Nutrisystem for being cost-effective while providing comprehensive support for weight loss.


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Choosing the Right Plan for Real Results

There are so many diet plans out there, it can be difficult to sort through the details to find a program that will work both in the short-term and the long-term. To help you navigate this process, we’re diving into the details of two of the most popular programs out there: Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig.

Both have been around for decades, but may surprise you by the modern amenities that come along with each one. Check out the quick side-by-side comparison table, then keep reading for more details on what to expect from Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig. Then choose the best option for your individual weight loss goals.

Pre-packaged food home delivery Yes Yes
Average Daily Cost$10$15
Mobile App for Tracking Yes Yes
In-Person Support No Yes
Average Weekly Weight Loss1–2 pounds1–2 pounds
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Nutrisystem or Jenny Craig: Follow-up on What to Expect

Both Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig provide home-delivered meals that are already portioned and prepared for you, making it easy to monitor your caloric intake. Despite the general similarities, there are several notable differences to pay attention to before you choose one of these programs.

Weekly Meal Plans

Sign up for either Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem and you’ll have delicious meals delivered to your home each and every week. Nutrisystem has multiple meal plan options to offer you the flexibility you need for your life and your wallet. Their most basic option, “Dinners My Way,” sends you breakfasts, lunches, and snacks for five days a week. You get to cook your own dinner and can use their helpful online resources for recipes and tips on portions.

Other Nutrisystem plans provide dinner as well, then let you prepare your own Flex meals for two days a week. The lower-tier plans come with shelf-stable entrees, while the higher tiers let you pick from frozen meals as well.

Jenny Craig’s meal plan provides a mixture of shelf-stable and frozen entrees. Rather than dividing plans up by how much food you receive, Jenny Craig’s plans differ based on whether you choose phone consultations or in-person consultations.

Both diet programs have alternatives available for people with dietary restrictions, making them available to a much broader audience.

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig have options available for both vegetarians and diabetics.

Program Costs

You can save money with either Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem by enrolling in multiple weeks of automated delivery. With Jenny Craig, you can choose between 1-week and 2-week plans, with the latter offering a deeper discount. With Nutrisystem, on the other hand, you can jump right to a four-week delivery plan to see the biggest savings.

Jenny Craig typically comes with a $99 enrollment fee, although you may find offers to get that reduced or even waived. On top of that, you’ll pay a monthly membership fee in addition to the cost of food. While most of your food comes directly from Jenny Craig, you’ll also need to purchase some of your own groceries as well.

The same is true of Nutrisystem, where you need to buy some additional food like produce and dairy. With Jenny Craig, you’ll receive 7 days of meals and snacks, while Nutrisystem provides just 5 days. The reasoning is to help you learn to prepare foods on your own or dine out responsibly. They even have a restaurant guide to help you make smart decisions when you go out to eat.

Jenny Craig’s plans start at $22.94 a day, while Nutrisystem plans can be as low as $11.07 a day for comparable plans offering three meals a day.

Support and Consultations

With Jenny Craig, you get a dedicated weight loss consultant. You’ll check in with them weekly, either in person at a Jenny Craig Center or over the phone. Jenny Craig is designed to stair-step you off the pre-planned meals using guidance from your consultant. You’ll start to make your own meals once you’ve reached halfway to your weight loss goal. To help you transition successfully, your coach provides recipes as well as guidance on proper portioning.

While Nutrisystem doesn’t offer a dedicated coach, you can call to receive counseling from their team of professionals. You can speak with trained weight loss coaches, registered dieticians, and certified diabetes educators. They’re available seven days a week, making it easy to find someone to talk to right away if you have a question or need some extra motivation.

Nutrisystem’s consultations are included when you sign up for meal plans, while Jenny Craig’s consultations require the monthly membership fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you qualify for this type of loan?

Nutrisystem begin in the 1970s, first as a place for weight loss shakes and now as a more integrated weight loss program (although you can still buy the shakes!). Jenny Craig began in the mid-1980s and actually started in Australia before coming to the U.S.

Are your delivered meals frozen with Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig?

This depends on which meal plan you choose with each program. Nutrisystem’s more basic options do not include frozen meals and instead send you shelf-stable entrees and snacks. Meals from Jenny Craig are frozen, while snacks are not.

Which program has free shipping?

Both plans offer free shipping either with a certain minimum order amount or when you enroll in auto delivery for a certain period of time. You may also find limited time offers to get free shipping. With the Nutrisystem app, you can also earn perks and discounts when you track your calories, weight, and activity.

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